Marc Medical

Marc Medical is an Italian company that produces innovative and effective medical devices for the aesthetic business. Marc Medical is known for PMP Peppermint peels.
PMP Peppermint peels consist of three groups of actives: Acids, Moisturizers, and Aesthetic improvers. The two different PMP peels contain five active acid ingredients combined with six moisturizing and aesthetic improvers to promote bio-stimulation of the skin post exfoliation. Additionally, the non-peeling actives provide immediate effects through Bio Revitalization and stimulate new cell growth.

Peppermint Peel Intense and Peppermint Peel Mild are innovative soft chemical peels designed to rejuvenate the skin and reduce imperfections like enlarged pores, acne, and fine lines. Mild is a lighter treatment containing 11% TCA, while Intense is more powerful and containing 19% TCA.

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