The products from the WiQo Active Skin Program line is developed using the most advanced scientific research for the skin’s health and well-being. The health of the skin is maintained through a program that search to satisfy the following main needs: Protection, Prevention and Stimulation.

The Nourishing and Moisturizing Face Cream for Dry Skin and the Nourishing and Moisturizing Face Cream for Normal Skin, marked by the blue line, help to satisfy the request of protection and prevention by containing protective substances that nourish and moisturize the skin. The Night Cream Fluido Levigante and the Elasticizing Anti-Drying Body Cream, marked with the red line, works as a stimulant for the skin. These products are based on glycolic acid at a low pH, making the skin exercise to restore it. Furthermore, the red series contains the Lightening Serum, which is the perfect homecare treatment used to lighten discolored skin and reduce excessive skin pigmentation of external delicate areas.

WiQo products meet the needs of all skin types in all ages and should be used daily. In addition, the products are ideal to combine after chemical peelings and other esthetic applications like PRX-T33 and PRX-T Lady.

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