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Alidya is an injectable solution developed to correct changes in the structure of the skin, specifically cellulite. Use Alidya to treat and prevent cellulite and its visible effects such as uneven skin surface, orange-peel skin. The product is injected directly into the affected area, usually the legs, thighs, and buttocks.

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The pack consists of:

5 vials

Benefits of Alidya:

Correct changes in skin structure
Treat and prevent cellulite

How long does the result last?

Usually, seven to twelve weekly applications of this anti-cellulite solution are required to reduce the appearance of cellulite in a particular area. The number of applications depends on the severity of cellulite in the treated area.


Marllor Biomedical designs, develops, and markets medical device technology and provides a technical contribution to the scientific leading non-surgical procedures in medicine and cosmetic dermatology.

Marllor Biomedical produces the brand Aqualyx, an injectable gel that dissolves fat in a non-surgical way. In our shop, you find the brand Alidya.



Alidya by Marllor Biomedical SRL is the first injectable solution for treating cellulite based on amino acids and other ingredients. The mesotherapy treatment is a minimally invasive and non-surgical procedure to effectively treat and prevent cellulite, which is most common among women. The active agents in Alidya help to activate many essential mechanisms in the tissues responsible for cellulite, which makes it ideal to use for correction of skin depressions and dents on the surface of the skin. In addition, the injectable solution can be used after a liposuction treatment to correct the appearance of the skin, as well as in post-intralipotherapy treatments to correct changes in the adipose tissue.


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