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BD Micro-Fine+ Penkanyle 0,5ml 30G are single-use aesthetic toxin 0,5ml syringes with sterile 12,7mm (30G) cannulas. The syringes have visible and readable numbers for accurate and safe dosing and are designed for filling from vials. Furthermore, the cannula is sterile and silicone-coated. All materials are latex-free.

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  • 1 box of 100 pcs
  • Volume: 0,5 ml / 50 units
  • Cannula: 12,7mm
  • Visible, readable numbers on the syringes
  • The cannulas are sterile and silicone coated
  • This product is classified as a CE-CERTIFIED medical device
  • For one time use only



BD Micro-Fine+ is manufactured by Becton Dickinson, a global medical technology company who develops, designs and sells medical devices. BD Micro-Fine+ is developed from a proprietary needle technology for an optimized and safe delivery of toxins or drugs when injected. The pen needles deliver a precise dose and require minimal effort for the user. The pen needles are designed for single use only and are available in three different needle lengths, with three different sizes in volume per syringe: Penkanyle 0,3ml 30G, Penkanyle 0,5ml 29G, Penkanyle 0,5ml 30G and Penkanyle 1,0ml 29G.


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