Suplasyn 1x6ml/60mg


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Suplasyn 1x6ml/60mg replaces or substitutes lost synovial hyaluronic acid fluid between the joints to improve lubrication and mobility in patients, whilst reducing pain, so the joints are no longer rubbing against each other. Joints no longer feel stiff.

What’s in the box?

What are the benefits of Suplasyn?

Uses of Suplasyn’s essential properties:

  • Lubricate the synovial compartment
  • Act as a shock-absorbent where cartilage has worn down
  • Help treat degeneration in mobility
  • Reduce pain by stopping further tissue damage
  • Improve and benefit physical  mobility

How is the treatment carried out?

Suplasyn 1x6ml/60mg is injected following administration of an anaesthetic to numb the joint from any pain. The patient usually sits comfortably or lies down. Treatment only lasts a few minutes.

What are the associated side effects of Suplasyn?

Side effects are usually mild and disappear after a few days. Redness and swelling are common reactions and can be combatted using an ice pack locally at the injection site.



Mylan was founded nearly 60 years ago. Mylan are committed to setting new standards in healthcare and provide to give people access to high quality medicine. In the last five years Mylan launched more generics than any other company and serves more than 165 countries and territories. Global social responsibility is very important for Mylan when achieving their mission to deliver better health for a better world. Mylan is the manufacturer of Suplasyn. Suplasyn is an easy and safe treatment for osteoarthritis patients which improves joint function and reduce pain.


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