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Advanced anti-ageing T.C. AGE


Dermoepidermal reconstruction for skin rejuvenation. T.C. AGE to treat mild to moderate photoaging. Attenuates fine lines and wrinkles, boosts skin glow and helps to reduce scars and white stretch marks.

What is in the box?

5 x 5 ml vials

What is INNOAESTHETICS T.C. AGE used for?

Moderate Photoageing.
Acne scars.
Atrophic striae (white stretch marks).

Composition of the product:

T.C. AGE, Salicylic Acid and Smart GPS

How does this product work?

Intense coagulant action on albumins (frosting), manifested by caustic effects. The vigorous keratolytic activity allows for powerful cell renewal of the epidermis and a skin tightening effect. Attenuates fine lines and wrinkles, boosts skin glow and helps to reduce scars and white stretch marks.

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Innoaesthetics®, manufactured by Laboratorio Innoaesthetics, is an innovative portfolio of transdermal solutions (INNO-TDS) along with dermo-cosmetics (INNO-DERMA) products to prevent and treat signs of skin ageing, while offering a daily skincare routine to optimize the results. The extensive portfolio is one of the main innovators within beauty and aesthetic professional. Innoaesthetics® includes the perfect solution for both professional and end-users that wishes to treat skin conditions with the help of Antiacne, Anti-ageing, Depigmenting, Moisturizing and Restructuring products. The TDS-Line offers transdermal solutions used with mesotherapy, micro-needling and derma rollers to prevent and treat all signs of skin ageing, whereas the DERMA-Line offers a range of advanced skincare products to improve the results obtained with the transdermal solutions.


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