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ALIAXIN® FL 1ML, “Fine Lines”, is a dermal hyaluronic acid filler intended explicitly for lip treatments and treatments of fine lines. Aliaxin® FL has an ideal viscosity for restoring skin firmness and natural definition and is perfect for defining the vermillion border of the lips. The particular structure of this gel guarantees high resistance to mechanical stress and excellent diffusion in the injected area.

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The pack consists of:

2 x 1ml syringes

Benefits of Aliaxin® FL:

Define the lips
Treat fine lines
Restore skin firmness and natural definition
Excellent diffusion in the skin

How long does the result of ALIAXIN® FL 1ML last?

In general, results are long-lasting and last from 6 to 12 months. The duration depends on the degree of correction required and the individual’s lifestyle, age and skin type.



Aliaxin is a dermal filler range containing a combination of different well-defined molecular weights of ultra-pure, non-animal hyaluronic acid. The complete product range contains six non-invasive and innovative treatments with specific and different viscoelastic properties. These properties makes the fillers useful for natural contouring, lifting and hydration in the different areas of the face. Key features of the Aliaxin are high tissue integration and stability, resulting in natural, but at the same time long-lasting results that last up 6 to 12 months. The Aliaxin cross-linking process results in a ready-to-use gel without the need for additional fragmentation or manipulation. All of which makes the final product safer and easier to inject thanks to the optimisation of the viscoelastic characteristics.


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